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              YanTai Dou Shan Group
            Company: YanTai Dou Shan Group
            Tel: 086- 010-84785808
            Fax: 086- 010-84785807
            E-Mail: master@doosansmart.com
            ADD: BeiJing JingJiKaFaQu
            Doosan group was founded in 1896, is South Korea's representative heavy industry group, ranked ninth in the financial sector in South Korea; it owns more than 20 subsidiaries, distribution in a variety of career fields, with Doosan Heavy Industries, Doosan industrial development and Doosan engine as the representative, the Doosan Heavy Industries is one of the power equipment in the world of professional enterprises, and seawater desalination equipment the world first-class enterprises, currently more than 20000 employees, annual sales reached $11500000000.

            In addition, Doosan Infracore is one of the core enterprise Doosan group, was established in 1937, mainly produces excavators, forklifts, machine tools, diesel engine, military products and a series of products, currently in Korea construction machinery market share leader, annual sales reached $3300000000, with production bases in Belgium and china.
            CopyRight©2012-2013 YanTai Dou Shan Group  Address:BeiJing JingJiKaFaQu  ZipCode:100102  
               Telephone:086-010-84785808   Fax:086-010-84785807  E_Mail:master@doosansmart.com