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              Shandong Yong-Jin Precision Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited

            "Yonghua machinery" put forward vigorously implement the "open, equal, competition, preferred" mechanism, no matter you are in what position, as long as you can fulfill your potential ability, as long as you have true skill and genuine knowledge, you may become, reuse talent. The company has formed a good atmosphere for teachers who work, fair competition, respect knowledge, respect talent, so that each one has the ability, enterprising staff to display their talent, ambition!

            "Yonghua machinery" to provide a vast sky fly into talents. The wide sea diving, sky is the limit, we sincerely welcome more a person with breadth of vision to join us, join hands in creating a better future!

            "There is no good and appropriate human resources support and not effectively mining and development potential of human resource of enterprises is not the vitality of enterprises", so the talent is the first resource, is the enterprise. The company has been adhering to the "people-oriented" employment principle, specific to recruit, use, tube, foster, 5 words:

            Recruit -- refers to recruit talent, and to the many social public recruitment, absorb, have both ability and political integrity to match the development with the company's talent.

            Use -- refers to give full scope to the talents, personnel affordable with the good person, we always adhere to scientific and rational use of talents suitable, just now, to everyone's expertise, character, personality, potential or special to a comprehensive inspection, give full play to the role and potential.

            Pipe -- refers to the good people management, the establishment of a complete set of human resource development and management system. Such as salary system, evaluation system, incentive mechanism, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of the staff.

            Education -- refers to cultivating people, training, training, twenty-first Century is the knowledge economy, knowledge updates quickly, we put the training in a very important position, the introduction of external and independent training combined, and strive to put the enterprise into a learning organization, so that employees in the continuous learning and continuous charging to improve their own quality, keep up with the pace of development of enterprises.

            Stay -- refers to retain talent. Retain talent is a job of our company attaches great importance to the decision-making level. The establishment of personal development planning by each employee, achieve self-development, self-improvement, so that employees have a sense of identity, sense of mission, a sense of belonging, cohesion and centripetal force thereby forming.

            "Yonghua machinery" to provide a vast sky fly into talents. The wide sea diving, sky is the limit, we sincerely welcome more a person with breadth of vision to join us, join hands in creating a better future!

            Company: Shandong Yong-Jin Precision Machinery Manufacturing Company Limited
            Mobi: 13573460991
            Tel: 086- 0534-2667072
            Fax: 086- 0534-2667072
            E-Mail: hbhaihe@163.com
            ADD: Shandong Yanzhou Economic Development Zone
            Shandong Yonghua Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 2007, the headquarters is located in Shandong Yanzhou, covers an area of 100000 square meters, the registered capital of 55750000 yuan. The company has been committed to the development of high-grade CNC machine tools, manufacturing, the main products are large Longmen machining center, high precision horizontal machining center, high-speed vertical machining center. The company has set up offices in the national sales service 10 key cities and regions, products are widely used in many fields of automobile, ships, electronics, mold manufacturing, part of the high-grade machine has been exported to the European market. The company passed the ISO9001 international quality system certification in 2008, and became the southwest region's largest processing center of R & D and production enterprises in 2010 jumped, product quality, service level is in the leading position in the industry. Enterprise has won the "Shou contract re-credit enterprise", "advanced unit of production safety" and other honorary titles.

            The company has been committed to high-end CNC products R & D and production, 2010 for $100 million yuan to machine the two phase of the project processing center, has been completed and formally put into production, the project has the same industry in the largest 15000 square meters, temperature dust-free assembly workshop, to realize the constant temperature of the whole plant purification control using ground-source heat pump technology new energy saving and environmental protection the new 20 sets of imported, advanced processing equipment and testing instruments, and laid a solid foundation for the production of various kinds of high precision machining center Yonghua host.

            Gathered at home and abroad with excellent mechanical, electrical R & D personnel Yonghua technology R & D center is the core technology of Yonghua machinery, charged with the continuous optimization of enterprise product structure, high precision machine tool research and development mission, since its inception has received a number of independent intellectual property rights and to achieve provincial scientific and technological achievements, domestic and international leading level. A branch from Germany, Japan, Taiwan and domestic excellent mechanical and electrical design experts R & D team, divided into Longmen machining center, horizontal machining center, vertical machining center three machine R & D team, technical problems for machine structure optimization, improve the accuracy, enhanced stability, humanization design, research, and strive to the Leo CNC machine tools to the international first-class products. At present the company high-end product development direction for turn-milling center, Longmen five axis linkage, horizontal-vertical conversion processing center, the development of new technology to be dynamic and static structure: five large machining center of stiffness and optimum design of machine tool technology; dynamic thermal characteristics and compensation technology; precision and synchronous control and dynamic error compensation technology of high speed feed system; multi-axis machining technology; five - axis NC programming technology.

            Improve the reliability of the detection process to create a congenital condition is advantageous for the enterprise to produce high quality machine tools; testing instrument tip imports to provide effective data support for precise inspection of products; the senior professional testing personnel to make product quality get the perfect control. As early as 2008 the company was first established by ISO9001:2008 quality management system certification, through the top-down implementation of the quality policy and a series of quality control objectives, and strive to achieve zero defect of whole machine tool factory. The company uses the German Zeiss ZEISS three coordinate measuring instrument, the British RENISHAW laser interferometer, the United States BENSTONE, RENISHAW ballbar dynamic balancing instrument, BENSTONE portable vibration meter, detection apparatus and the Swiss TESA, GIROD-TAST, FISSO, EDA, MITUTOYO, RIKEN, Japan PEACOCK, KANETEC, KANON, Taiwan ECE, EVERMORE, ANN WAY etc. world brand, to employ a number of domestic and foreign advanced technology and testing personnel, and strive to achieve quality target two years running zero fault Yonghua machine. All products are subject to stringent testing, up to 36 test items test, 48 hours full stroke running-in testing, 562 test link quality tracking, every Yonghua machine from feeding to the factory have quality detection, strict, each machine can be presented for the user processing Yonghua perfect.

            Uphold the principle of "product first, sincere cooperation" business philosophy, the company has always been to improve customer service system to provide users with high-quality pre-sale, sale, after sale service and professional technical support, help users to complete the complex task of. Along with the deepening strategic cooperation with FANUC, Mitsubishi, Siemens, Heidenhain and other world famous CNC system provider, Yonghua team will give each customer has a more efficient, quality service experience.
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               Telephone:086-0534-2667072   Fax:086-0534-2667072  E_Mail:hbhaihe@163.com