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              Beijing labour to grind machine Limited by Share Ltd
            Company: Beijing labour to grind machine Limited by Share Ltd
            Mobi: 13573460991
            Tel: 086- 010-80420888
            Fax: 086- 010-80420830
            E-Mail: hbhaihe@163.com
            ADD: Beijing, Shunyi District Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone

            Beijing Institute of fine grinding machine Limited by Share Ltd is the Beijing Machine Tool Research Institute for the construction of the national development and Reform Commission "precision and ultra-precision machining of National Engineering Research Center" and the establishment of the combination of high technology joint-stock Co., ltd.. Company is located in Beijing City, Shunyi District Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone A. Company in Beijing Shunyi Tianzhu Development Zone has a building area of 25974 square metres of building and construction area of 1860 square metres of super fine buildings, with super precision laboratory, laboratory, functional components performance laboratory and technology research laboratory, experimental study on the performance test and evaluation of machining technology and machine and functional components in.

            Company main products are NC machine:

            渭 1000 series of vertical machining centers, μ 2000 series horizontal machining center, TH series horizontal machining center, KT series of vertical machining centers, CNC boring and milling machine, XKT series of built-in motor spindle unit of NC machine tool, network management system of CNC machine tools and parts.

            Company main products are precision and ultra precision:

            With the international advanced level of precision shafting, ultra precision CNC lathes, precision CNC milling machine, CNC servo feed system of high resolution, high precision CNC lathe. The accuracy of ultra-precision machine tool shaft to ≤ 0.05 μ m, the precision of the track up to 0.1 μ m \/200mm, machining parts (non-ferrous) surface roughness Ra ≤ 0.002 μ

            Other products of the company have:

            Roundness measuring instrument with high accuracy, high precision cylindricity instrument, micro ball screw products etc..

            The company will make full use of technical advantages of accumulation of decades in R & D and manufacturing and application of precision and ultra precision CNC machine tools on the abundant technology in Beijing machine tool research and leading domestic in the aspects of precision and ultra precision CNC machine tool performance testing, research and evaluation of reliability, and the use of National Engineering Center, engineering center as a platform for scientific and technological innovation, and actively promote the industrialization project of precision and ultraprecision machining technology and high-end CNC machine tool.

            CopyRight©2012-2013 Beijing labour to grind machine Limited by Share Ltd  Address:Beijing, Shunyi District Tianzhu Airport Industrial Zone  ZipCode:253000  
               Telephone:086-010-80420888   Fax:086-010-80420830  E_Mail:hbhaihe@163.com