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              Taian Haiwei CNC Machinery Co., Ltd

            To provide world-class products and services for users

            True to the user, make the internationalization of enterprises

            CNC lathe is the most whole

            CNC pipe thread lathe CNC special milling at one of the most the most complete

            CNC roll grinder plate first domestic NC fiber rod grinder domestic initiativ

            Company: Taian Haiwei CNC Machinery Co., Ltd
            Mobi: 13605386372
            Tel: 086- 0538-8931799
            Fax: 086- 0538-8931799
            E-Mail: haiweishukong@yahoo.com.cn
            ADD: NOo.3333 Longteng Road, High-tech Development Zone, Taian, Shandong, China

            TAIAN HAIWEI CNC MACHINERY CO., LTD is dedicated to the research and development,production and sales of CNC Machine tools. The registered capital of the company is ¥50000000 (The registered capital win certification in alibaba Tradelink by Jie Sheng);the total floor space is 107000m2,and the building area is 80000m2. We are one of the company who has the highest configuration and the most complete product specifications about CNC lathe series, CNC pipe thread lathe series, CNC heavy duty vertical lathe series, CNC whirlwind milling series,CNC plate roller grinding lathe series, CNC fibre-optical pole grinding machine series in China. We maintain an annual growth rate of over 50% for four years in a row, the growth rate ranked first in the industry.      

              The company has carried out ISO9001: 2008 QMS.We according to the Europen CE Certificate classified the production process in programmable. All the produce of parts by CE directive supervise each process. The parts we buy from eath place through strict auditing guidance up to the standard by CE. We arrived the standard of CE Quality Certificate. And in Oct.2010 we gain the CE Certificate.

            The Europen CE represent the highest quality of the produce of the world.After that our  CNC produce's quality will come to a higher level.We will continue to provide users with high - quality products, high - quality service for the purpose, and constantly to a higher goal.

            We all insist on scientific and technological research and development, developed a series of precision CNC machine tool products and won a number of national patent, has been granted  "High and New Tech Enterprise"and"Sincerity Enterprise" honoured by the government .In recent years, we always adhering to the mission of " Technology, Innovation, Service, Development ", Strengthening Technological and Market Development. Our company has amounts of the senior engineer, senior artisan,provide a reliable quality assurance for the product.Our company based on the quality as our life, established good after - sale service team, rely on the whole sales and after - sales service work, and with the excellent machine quality and good after - sales service, " Taishanhaiwei " brand of the CNC machine products sell well all over the world, won the trust and support of the customers!

            CopyRight©2012-2013 Taian Haiwei CNC Machinery Co., Ltd  Address:NOo.3333 Longteng Road, High-tech Development Zone, Taian, Shandong, China  ZipCode:253500  
               Telephone:086-0538-8931799   Fax:086-0538-8931799  E_Mail:haiweishukong@yahoo.com.cn