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              Weihai Printing Machinery Company Limited

            Company mission: to hand in hand with the print users, heritage of civilization

            Company vision: to become the most printing supplier integration growth.

            The company's core values: work hard, the pursuit of perfection

            Company business philosophy: people-oriented, creativity, and enhance the cohesion, improve execution, the building of a harmonious enterprise.

            Business philosophy: we seek -- customer satisfaction

            The principles of enterprise management:

            ◆ people-oriented principle

            ◆ solidarity and cooperation principle

            ◆ incentive and communication principles

            ◆ fair, fair, public principle

            ◆ the whole principle

            ◆ leading technology and management principles

            ◆ customer service principles

            Company: Weihai Printing Machinery Company Limited
            Mobi: 13573460991
            Tel: 086- 010-80420888
            Fax: 086- 010-80420830
            E-Mail: hbhaihe@163.com
            ADD: Shandong Weihai High New Technology Industrial Development Zone on the 1st Street

            Weihai Printing Machinery Co., Ltd. was founded in 1954, the company's referred to as the "Weihai printing machine". Weihai printing machine is located in the beautiful coastal city -- Weihai City, where the blue sky blue sea, red green, pleasant scenery, is "the most suitable for human living city" one.

            Weihai printing machine speed up structural adjustment, vigorously develop the market, beyond the self in innovation, after half a century of development, the company has grown into one of the most famous printing machinery manufacturers in China, national printing machinery manufacturing industry key enterprises, is the national printing machine industry's first national key high-tech enterprises, mainly for the revision of industry standard, is one of the Weihai high-tech industrial development zone approved by the State Council of the earliest enterprises in the area, have granted by the state high-tech enterprises in the development zone of preferential policies.

            Company is mainly engaged in light, machine, electric, instrument integration of high-tech printing machinery R & D, production and sales, technical innovation, sustainable and leading. Launched WIN series monochromatic offset printing machine, two-color offset printing presses, four-color offset press, intermittent trademark printing machine, computer table machine, gathering marking machine, folding machine and more than 30 varieties of products specifications. Main products are WIN four-color offset press meet customer long and short version of high-grade color printing as the target, high accuracy, fast printing speed, where WIN924 four-color offset printing presses in the green printing in China.2011 "green Award" selection activities won the special prize.

            Weihai printing machine covers an area of 120 mu, building area of nearly 80000 square meters; has a solid work rigorous, technology exquisite high-quality staff, with manufacturing, processing and assembly workshop equipment and detection of first-class, the existing types of processing equipment more than 200 Taiwan (sets), the numerical control equipment of machining center, more than 30 Taiwan (sets), technology and equipment in the domestic advanced level in the same industry. The entire production process in strict accordance with the ISO9001 quality system operation, provide reliable guarantee for each product qualified factory.

            In recent years, the development trend of the company good, the comprehensive economic index for many years in the forefront of the same industry, best-selling domestic products, and exported to Europe and America more than 30 countries and regions. The company has won the "China's 500 biggest industrial enterprises", "Chinese equipment manufacturing industry best economic benefit hundred enterprises", "China machinery industry enterprise core competitiveness hundred enterprises", "China printing machinery production enterprise ten strong", "Shandong province high and new technology enterprise", "Shandong famous brand products", Shandong "the province famous trademark", "national user satisfaction with product quality, after sale service satisfaction with the top ten", "China printing machinery ten best-selling brand", "China printing machine industry products quality trustworthy enterprise" and other honorary.

            Weihai printing machine adhering to the "customer satisfaction, our pursuit of" business philosophy, to the maximum extent to meet the needs of customers as the goal, strengthen quality management, improve the quality assurance system, passed the ISO9001:2000 international quality system certification and the European CE safety certification in the industry. In the organization of the State Quality Inspection Administration of all previous national quality supervision and random inspection of assault, Weihai printing machine was sampling products are qualified, project indicators are in line with the relevant national quality standards.

            In the introduction of new products, to meet the needs of users at the same time, Weihai printing machine set up nationwide sales and service network, responsible for market promotion and provide technical support to the user, and has set up a sales and service organizations in foreign countries, providing pre-sales technical training to customers at home and abroad, and use the debug installation sales operation guidance, customer service tracking maintenance of a full range of services program.

            In the development of the journey and fast, Weihai printing machine to "internationalization, modernization, diversification" as the goal, advocate "be enthusiastic and press on, the pursuit of perfection" banner, adhere to the reform and opening up, adhere to independent innovation, continue to add new glories, to create a more brilliant future.

            CopyRight©2012-2013 Weihai Printing Machinery Company Limited  Address:Shandong Weihai High New Technology Industrial Development Zone on the 1st Street  ZipCode:253000  
               Telephone:086-010-80420888   Fax:086-010-80420830  E_Mail:hbhaihe@163.com