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              Xinxiang City, the new machine Innovation machinery limited company
            Company: Xinxiang City, the new machine Innovation machinery limited company
            Tel: 086- 0373-5823923
            Fax: 086- 0373-5822828
            E-Mail: hnxj888@163.com
            ADD: Henan Xinxiang City Kenneth Yang Road No. 509

            Xinxiang new machine Innovation Machinery Co., the company has fixed assets of more than 300000000 Yuan, more than 410 employees, including professional and technical personnel more than 300 people, processing center, three coordinate measuring instrument such as precision machining and testing equipment 300. The company of "humanistic management" enterprise culture become an independent school in the national machinery industry. "The effectiveness of management, management of spirit", the new machine in recent years, was rated "excellent enterprise" Electromechanical industry in Henan Province, "high-tech enterprises in Henan province", "excellent enterprise" China Machinery Industry and the "national mechanical industry civilization unit" and "offset print products quality trustworthy enterprise" and other honorary title.

            The new machine for printing and packaging industry to provide quality, efficient, high cost performance products and services as their responsibility, refine on, pioneering and innovative, customer demand as the focus, according to customer demand for development and improvement of printing machinery products and provide personal and intimate service for users. In China, the new machine will be the first electrical control application of frequency control technology in the printing machine, the first batch of rolling bearing used in the printing machine roller bearing (patent patent No.: ZL02284558.5), constant force application mechanism of conjugate cam technology in printing machine first put (Patent No.: ZL02278287.7), for the domestic printing machine manufacturing level has contributed to improve. In recent years, the new machine is committed to creating the first brand of the domestic large-format offset press, 2006 April took the lead in the domestic launch 1620 format unit type of high-grade color offset printing machine, in 2008 launched the first domestic has large-format multicolor offset press cable-stayed edition function, in 2009 launched the first unit of domestic type super off six-color high-grade lithographic printing machine. In 2009 May, Henan new machine with giant, 162 super complete sheet four-color offset press and beauty dragon 118 large five-color offset press to attend the Beijing international printing technology exhibition, put forward the "new machine is the large format" causes the vibration at home and abroad printing manufacturing industry, established the "China-made large-format offset printing machine first brand" status.

            As the current domestic advanced printing and packaging equipment manufacturers, Xinxiang new machine Innovation machinery limited company "new machine" card printing and packaging machinery products mainly include:

            1620 series of unit type super complete sheet double color, four-color offset printing machine;

            1420 series of unit type complete sheet monochrome, two-color, four-color, five colors, six-color offset printing machine;

            1180 series of unit type large four-color, five colors, six-color offset printing machine;

            The 1030 series of the unit type large four-color offset printing machine;

            Super 1100 format of two-color offset printing machine;

            The 1040 series off monochrome, two-color, monochrome lithographic printing machine double-sided;

            920 series of monochrome, two-color offset printing machine, printing machine and a number (RBS940) double monochromatic offset printing machine

            Carton processing machinery mainly:

            Pyrena Bilina series 950, 1150, 1350 folding box gluing machine

            The Vesta dimension of tower series 600, 800, 1100 folding box gluing machine

            Die-cutting machine Dione Dogan series 1050 automatic flat

            Vest printing quality detection platform

            Sheet-fed printing conveying platform

            "New" card printing and packaging machinery products with excellent price-performance ratio, stable and reliable quality, excellent service by the majority of users of the trust and favor, market visibility and market share year after year to climb. "The new machine is" printing machine, successful selection, service the Chinese printing and packaging industry is a new machine eternal pursuit. The new machine is the spirit of "cooperation, harmony and win-win" guiding ideology will promote domestic printing machine manufacturing level and promote the development of Chinese printing and packaging industry to make greater contribution to.

            CopyRight©2012-2013 Xinxiang City, the new machine Innovation machinery limited company  Address:Henan Xinxiang City Kenneth Yang Road No. 509  ZipCode:453700  
               Telephone:086-0373-5823923   Fax:086-0373-5822828  E_Mail:hnxj888@163.com