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              Hebei tour strong metallurgy heavy machinery limited company
            Company: Hebei tour strong metallurgy heavy machinery limited company
            Mobi: 13573460911
            Tel: 086- 0310-8363199
            Fax: 086- 0310-8363199
            E-Mail: info@fayin.com
            ADD: Hebei province Handan Qiuxian New Town Road 389 on the

            Hebei SQS metallurgy Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 1992, is located in Hebei province Handan city Qiuxian. Company's three, since its inception, adhere to the science and technology as the forerunner, take the quality as the life, by virtue of good reputation and perfect after sale service, continue to grow and develop, at present, the company has a sound management system, abundant technical force reserve, a large team of employees, laying a solid foundation for rapid development.

            Company mainly R & D and production of high-end CNC machine tools, the NC milling machining centers; also includes general NC machine tools such as: vertical machining center, CNC lathe, have reached the leading domestic level.

            2011 November invested 215000000 production HTMC series CNC turn-milling center project, the product of seven five axis twelve station of high speed and high precision CNC milling machining centers, with independent intellectual property rights, patents.

            Six four axis NC milling machining center is now the order batch production.

            At present, to cooperate with our company has the units of large iron and steel enterprises Shanghai Baosteel, Xinjiang steel, Yili Steel Corp, eight one Steel Corp in Jilin, Tangshan, Yanshan, Handan Steel Corp Steel Corp Steel Corp, Xinxing Ductile iron pipes, Tiantie Group, Shougang, dedicated group of 30, and with the Handan Iron and steel, Tiantie Group, Tonghua Ji steel, Shougang Group, Dalian Zhuoyuan group, Xinjiang eight one iron and steel and other large steel enterprises, established a stable supply relationship, also with the Beijing iron and Steel Design Institute, CISDI group has established long-term friendly relations of cooperation.

            CopyRight©2012-2013 Hebei tour strong metallurgy heavy machinery limited company  Address:Hebei province Handan Qiuxian New Town Road 389 on the  ZipCode:057450  
               Telephone:086-0310-8363199   Fax:086-0310-8363199  E_Mail:info@fayin.com