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              Shandong Pulisen group


            Enterprise mission

            Plisson is committed to manufacturing high-quality machinery products, strive to become customer trust, employees, shareholders, society satisfaction on respect, in the industrial chain with a specific value, and can continue to benefit the society of manufacturing enterprises.

            In 2013 the Group Policy Object

            Improvement of effectiveness of quality brand

            The development of vision

            Body strong, full-fledged, integrity and diligence, accumulate steadily

            Core values

            Pratt & Whitney party, Li industry Liguo, Senmao development

            Corporate motto

            Innovation, leading the obedience, unity and cooperation, dedication boutique

            Business philosophy

            Plisson in the "manufacturing quality, service society" as the core concept of enterprise management, adhere to market-oriented, with " sales " as the center, with " R & D " and " production " for the protection of the " win-win cooperation, the marketing principle, development principle recognized by the market, production of the principle of " quality first as the basic principle of enterprise management. Through innovation continuously improve business model, through the self transcendence constantly improve sector performance, through horizontal communication continue to strengthen cooperation, create social value based on their own value creation.

            The principle of service

            Adhere to the service principle of " a PRINS, two, three, four, five satisfaction guarantee .". Must be : fault judgment; two is: the letter will be complex, grant whatever is requested; three quick reply is: fast, fast action, quick; four satisfaction is: customer satisfaction, vendors, manufacturers, suppliers satisfaction satisfaction satisfaction; five guarantee is : to ensure that meet the needs of users, ensure the supply of spare parts, ensure machine repair quality, ensure timely and thoughtful service, to ensure compliance with the service discipline.

            Development philosophy

            PRINS development does not seek to " fast ", but to "steady ", not " slow ", but " stop ". Enterprise emphasizes the sustainable development, and continue to make the most of the staff recognition of enterprise culture, establish a sense of responsibility and the spirit of cooperation, training staff dedicated working spirit and excellent work ability.

            Company: Shandong Pulisen group
            Mobi: 13573460911
            Tel: 086- 0534-2519022
            Fax: 086- 0534-2519026
            E-Mail: info@dzjc.com
            ADD: Shandong province Dezhou City Economic Development Zone three eight road No. 6666

            Shandong pulisen group is the predecessor of the Dezhou machine tool factory, founded in 1945, in 2008 July officially changed to Shandong pulisen group. Covers an area of about 810000 square meters, the total assets of 778000000 yuan, the staff 2300 people, is one of the 500 Chinese machinery industry key enterprises, the state machine. The parent company of the group for the Shandong pulisen Group Limited company, under the Dezhou Delong ( Group) Machine Tool Co., Ltd., Dezhou pulisen Machine Tool Co. Ltd., Dezhou Zhuoer Casting Co. Ltd, PRINS technical school, Dezhou Delong ( Group) environmental protection equipment Co., Ltd., Xi'an PRINS Machine Tool Co. ltd.. The company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and OHSAS18000 occupation health and safety management system certification, with independent import and export operation rights.

            Group of leading products have the large and medium-sized lathes, CNC lathes, deep hole processing machine tool, machining center and other various special machine tool, a total of more than 400 varieties, more than 700 specifications, the annual production capacity of 5000 sets of machine tools, provides a large number of high-quality equipment for aerospace, automotive, mold, mines, engineering machinery, power etc. industry. Products enjoy a high reputation at home and abroad, exported to the world more than 40 countries and regions. " In 44 countries registered trademark of PRINS ".

            Lathe products by rotary diameterΦ 260mm to Phi 3500mm, workpiece length up to 20m, leading products have been rated as brand-name products in Shandong province. Which ordinary lathe adopts bearing structure, has the good vibration resistance, stable product quality, high reliability, wide range of application. CNC lathe is divided into simple NC, NC and CNC, can meet the requirements of users of different levels, especially the CNC, with high rigidity, high precision and high speed characteristics, can achieve better processing CPK, reached the domestic advanced level. The development of products from light to heavy, turning diameter above 1000mm sleeper, bearing from 6T to 80t, the largest processing length 20m, maximum diameter of 3.5m. CK61100D CNC lathe bearing 6T, CK61125L CNC lathe bearing 10t bearing 20t, CK61200W series, CKZ series bearing 30t, CKG series CNC heavy-duty truck loading 40t, 60, 80t.

            Machine tool products mainly used for deep hole drilling and boring, rolling and honing, machining diameter fromΦ 1.5mm to Phi 1250mm, length of complete specifications, machining deep hole length up to 15m. My company's products in the domestic deep to outshine others, to fill a number of gaps in the domestic, the level of technology and market share in the domestic leading position. Especially the multi - axial honing NC and NC drill gun has reached the international advanced level.

            My company to the equipment manufacturing industry in China has been appointed, dedicated to the industry of the national economy to make the equipment quality, provide value-added services. Sincerely hope to cooperate with friends from all walks of life, mutual benefit and win-win cooperation, joint development.

            CopyRight©2012-2013 Shandong Pulisen group  Address:Shandong province Dezhou City Economic Development Zone three eight road No. 6666  ZipCode:253076  
               Telephone:086-0534-2519022   Fax:086-0534-2519026  E_Mail:info@dzjc.com